About Park Barkers

Considered design for contemporary living. With an eye for simplicity and a focus on functional detail, Park Barkers delivers a clean revision of the items you and your dog need. We believe you and your dog deserve a stylish simplicity that works with your lifestyle.

Founded in Melbourne, Australia by David Snow, Park Barkers brings together over 20 years of design experience with an eternal love for all animals. Functional essentials are reimagined with new fabrics, innovative details, ethical sourcing and a clean aesthetic. At Park Barkers, we work to minimise our impact on the world.

This includes taking a cruelty-free approach to our design, materials and manufacturing. We use vegan-leather options that are durable and easy to clean. Another aspect of our ethical sourcing includes an investigation of ideas of recycling. From recycled rubbers and plastics in our polyesters, to our work with artists to reinvent discarded works, we explore the different dimensions and expressions of recycling.

In support of the work independent charitable organisations make to the welfare and rights of animals, Park Barkers gives 5% of all sales to a nominated registered charity. This season, Park Barkers is proud to support Beagle Rescue Victoria.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of Park Barkers, please contact us below.